RUD Group

As an international family group we offer future-oriented solutions with chain systems and components for different applications across many industries:
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RUD Philosophy

Today despite of the change in the corporate culture and mentality, our name is still taken with a substantial meaning. This is not only on account of the products that we manufacture but also, on account of our heritage and tradition. We take great pride in our history, mining it for inspiration even as we forge a new and brighter future.
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Product Range

Chain Slings-VIP-Round steel link chain
Lifting Points / Lifting Aids
Lifting Jigs /Spreader beams
Lifting Tackles
Polyester Slings/Webb Slings
Prefab and Concrete Lifting Solutions
Hoist Crane
Steel Coil and Slab lifting solutions

Chain Bucket Elevators , Belt Bucket Elevators
Chain Conveyors
Feeder Conveyors
Screw Conveyors
Bunker Discharge Conveyor
Ash Conveyors , Wet – Ash Conveyors
Drag Chain Feeders

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